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photo's: Yves De Brabander & Puck Verheul






After successfully shaping menswear for over a decade, we are expanding our portfolio and will showcase our first womenswear collection alongside the new menswear this September 2021.

After seasons of reflection on the state of our world - in collections like No.14 Geworfenheit, and No.12 Here is no Border only Dust - Cedric Jacquemyn's latest collection feels like a self-reflection. The inspiration for Cedric's new collection started from paintings and collaborations with his partner Yves de Brabander during lockdown, the collection is a reflection on their own work as well as on their partnership for the past decade. 

 Opaques and solid whites form a new base throughout. Transparent layers create the illusion of things yet to come, a silhouette in transformation. Looking through layers gives us the feeling of digging deeper and further.

 CJ's collections reflect on the fate of our garments during a pandemic; A blazer turning into its essence, panels of fabric that can be worn as a scarf or a waistcoat half inside out wrapped around a hanger. 

 Jaquemyns quest for pattern-innovation and construction continues in garments that look like they have been designed for hangers. Embodying a solitude and disconnection with the world. Rows of buttons holding pieces together, silhouettes falling apart, a reflection of our collective emotional state. 

 Cedric's signature garmentbag transforms into a dress further embodying the confusion we were left with the past year. 

 Cedric takes us on a journey, explaining his thought-process in patternmaking through the the form of a cape that turns into a jacket made from 100% recycled industrial waste like computerchips. The cape transforms from a flat panel of fabric, trough cuts and button-ups, into a jacket. A skirt, pleated and twisted around the waist - a signature construction for the brand – creating a balance between draping and architectural construction. 

 To disenthrall (free from bondage) the silhouette – transformation by movement plays a keyrole in this collection’s silhouettes, reminding us of the transformative powers of freedom.

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