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One of the 2010 alumni of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp's Fashion Department, fashion designer Cedric Jacquemyn has developed his darkly romantic menswear aesthetic into a ready-to-wear business. Launching his eponymous label during FW11 Paris mensweek.

Cedric's work is defined by a sensitive touch - sculpting natural fibres into slim, flowing garments imbued with historical, ethnic and mythical significance. Conceptual as approach, his collections are strongly informed by deep environmental concerns (The Last Glacier, FW11), humanitarian crisis (Remains of Muted Beliefs, 2013 / To the Depths of the Last Reserve, 2014 / Geworfenheit, SS18) and an appreciation for the natural world. 

Cedric carries on a continuing artistic dialogue with his partner and photographer Yves de Brabander, whose lens captures the brand's visual identity in arresting natural and manmade landscapes. 

Jacquemyn also designed a separate line Hraun for the Swedish retailer Weekday from 2011 up to 2014.

Showing off his skills as a sartorial tailor, Cedric Jacquemyn’s collection starts at the root of cloth and construction; by taking perfect cuts with great fabrics and combining these into meticulous fits. Long, architectural silhouettes are a dominant force and are paired with leather boots.
Each layer is pulled back and provides the eye to view something new and interesting. It is the beautiful and delicate balance of knitwear and leather that makes Jacquemyn’s collection shine.

Being nominated for the International Woolmark prize in 2014, Cedric was included in the exhibtions Happy Birthday Dear Academie! at Momu (Antwerp Fashion Museum) in 2014 and The Belgians, An Unexpected Fashion Story at Bozar (Brussels) in 2015, to name a few.

What others say

If Jacquemyn's name appears to be whispered, shared, murmured at Fashion's every corner and crossroad, it's most likely because he's come up with a unprecedented balance, one that unveils a new masculine silhouette, both architectural and refined, one that toys with contrasts, materials, and shades of black.

L'Eclaireur, Paris.

Cedric Jacquemyn's darkly romantic menswear aesthetic and architectural silhouettes exude avant-garde fashion. The avant-garde label innovates within the realm of dark fashion through a disregard for conventional commercialism and an unparalleled attention to craftsmanship and fabrics, and tells a story in each collection through their detailing. Much of Cedric Jacquemyn's artistic vision is centered on fabrics. The label plays with the idea of natural form through their fabric selection process.

Gallery Aesthete, Chicago IL.

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