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from A/W 2016 — photo: Yves De Brabander




Sartorial high-end menswear, designed in Antwerp ... made in Belgium.

Cedric Jacquemyn's darkly romantic menswear aesthetic and architectural silhouettes exude avant-garde fashion. The avant-garde label innovates within the realm of dark fashion through a disregard for conventional commercialism and an unparalleled attention to craftsmanship and fabrics, and tells a story in each collection through their detailing.

Much of Cedric Jacquemyn's artistic vision is centered on fabrics. The label plays with the idea of natural form through their fabric selection process.

In their more recent collections, Jacquemyn and de Brabander begin their design process by selecting the textiles they hope to work with, focusing on balancing their weight drape and structure. Jacquemyn, views fabric as a primary communication tool to convey the emotion within a collection.
He then designs each garment based on his selected fabrics. Every textile will fold and flow differently, so the innate properties of the fabric will often determine which garment can be formed. This process allows for the clothing to drape beautifully over a human body, and creates a natural look.

The label’s attention to detail, especially with regards to the tailoring and textile selection, makes each garment the brand produces spectacular. For this reason, the brand tends to opt for a monochromatically black color scheme. When colors are featured in a collection, they are used very intently to provide contrast to the black or to obtain a specific emotion from the viewer.
However, Jacquemyn predominantly prefers black cloth because he believes that black is a neutral color – like a blank canvas. By producing primarily black clothing, people pay more attention to the subtleties within each piece, such as its texture and Construction.

— Thanks to: Gallery Aesthete, Chicago IL.

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