The Belgians : An Unexpected Fashion Story

From 05 June 2015 till 13 September 2015 at BoZar Brussels. Surreal, avant-garde and explicit. These are three keywords that are usually associated with Belgian fashion, which is internationally recognised.

(img by Marleen Daniels taken from the Catalogue)










MoMu Antwerp : 50yrs Antwerp Fashion Department (Happy Birthday Dear Academy)

From 8 September 2013 till 16 February 2014 MoMu will present the exhibition 50 Years Antwerp Fashion Department. The exhibition is one of the many projects of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp celebrating its 350th anniversary.

(img by Branko Popovic)










WOOLMARK PRIZE 2014/15 Finalist

Les finalistes de la catégorie masculine se rencontreront quant à eux à Londres lors de la Fashion Week en janvier.
C'est Cédric Jacquemyn, diplômé de l'Académie d'Anvers, qui y représentera la Belgique.

(img by Julien Boudet & Woolmark)











Installation of a SS14 silhouette at London Saatchi Gallery, during the presentation of Belgian designers curated by MAD Brussels.

(img by SCOOP)